Monday, 20 July 2015

Kaikoura Peninsula, a walk between sea and mountains.

Having arrived in Kaikoura, one of the first walks you should do at least once is the Kaikoura Peninsula walk. It starts at the Point Kean Seal Colony and offers great views of the coast and the mountains. I have done it once, but I should do it again, it’s so beautiful! This walk is really wonderful especially in winter when you can avoid the crowds of tourists and feel more alone on the way. 

To start, you have to go up until you reach the first look-out with a perfect view of the mountains. Thanks to an information board you can also recognise each mountain and, why not, plan your future walks. I hope I will be able to hike up Mt Fyffe which looks really great as well.

Then the walk is just following the coast with several stops and look-outs. Having the mountains on the right and the endless sea on the left is so impressive. In my opinion, this is the main reason why this walk is so beautiful! You can also observe a lot of seals from the cliff or go down to be closer to watch them. 

The entire coast is really beautiful, like a postcard, like a slice of paradise. Just walking around makes me realise how lucky I am to live here and to be able to come back and enjoy this place whenever I want. 

It’s really simple but it is what I like about New Zealand and mostly in Kaikoura. Enjoying real moments with great landscapes around and some new friends from here or from around the world, this is the most important in life I guess. It will be one of my best and strongest memories from my travels in New Zealand.

Now, I think I should just show how the peninsula looks, because, what is more expressive than seeing pictures to explain why you should come to Kaikoura, take your own photos and own souvenirs of this magical place? 

The peninsula, on the way

View on South Bay

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