Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My first walk in Kaikoura, a seal encounter by Sylvia Landez

Once I arrived in Kaikoura, I decided few days later to discover more the surroundings. With the sun almost there every day, the best way to enjoy it is, in my opinion, walking. So after my job in the morning in the hostel, I just grabbed my camera and my I-Pod and here I am left for a long walk around three hours return along the coast.

Kaikoura is very famous to be a special place to watch whales and dolphins but seals as well. That is why I decided to walk until a point where it’s possible to catch sight of this wild animal, even if I’ve already seen some of them several times now, in Abel Tasman National Park, Golden Bay and the Milford Sound. Actually, it’s pretty funny because since four months in New Zealand, I’ve probably seen more seals than dogs! Anyway, I’m still surprised and delighted when I see some seals nearby, it will never happen again when I will be back in France. So I think I won’t get bored of it!

view from the Seal Colony is amazing

I started with a walk on the beach. Having the mountains just behind us make the place so much special. The birdlife is really interesting as well and, according to the great numbers, I guess that birds probably appreciate this town as much than me. I carried on towards the peninsula and the Point Kean seal colony and could see more of Kaikoura. Small town, but so charming! You can find a playground and a skate park, a public swimming pool, a park, few shops, cafes and restaurants, among others. Sounds like life is good in Kaikoura! Just an authentic life, pure and simple.

Further I passed in front of a fishing area and the famous Seafood BBQ, just a truck and few tables on the roadside, which made me feel so hungry. Salmon, crayfish or also scallops for less than 10 dollars. Unbelievable! Looking back, I regret I didn’t have some money with me to try one. But, it’s not a big deal; I still have plenty of time to go there again. 

I was following the walkway when I could see some seals lied down on the path. I realized that I was probably close to the point I wanted to reach and a couple of minutes later I discovered so much more seals everywhere : on the rocks, the beach, and even nearly the road. It’s so impressive to be close to this animal, but also not in the wild, just next to the town! I walked around the seals, for the most part asleep, and tried to catch with my camera their peaceful and relaxed life.

This is one of the reasons why I really appreciate the life in Kaikoura. I live once again in a unique area I won’t be able to find in France: a place where humans and wild life are living together with respect and harmony. Actually, it’s one of the main features of New Zealand, especially in the South Island. However, Kaikoura remains a unique place where people are connected with the wildlife around and deserves to be well known for this. Like a piece of the real New Zealand. 

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