Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My first visit in Kaikoura, this special place to enjoy mountains and sea in New Zealand by Sylvia Landez

Sitting on a couch with this amazing view directly from my house, I can’t stop thinking about how much being there is finally a wonderful coincidence.

View of Kaikoura from my hostel
After 2 months spent in the Bay of Islands, my attraction for the South Island was pretty strong. I had heard about so many incredible places and was really curious and excited to explore all of them. These few weeks around the West Coast and the Milford Sound have just confirmed my desire to find a special place to live and spend more time.

As many travelers, I had first thought about some towns like Queenstown, Wanaka or Dunedin. So I was looking for a new wwoofing experience in these places before looking for a paid job once I arrived in the city. For people who don’t know this way of travelling, the wwoofing experience offers the opportunity for travelers to work few hours on a farm, hostel or just with some families for free accommodation, sometimes food and always a great experience.

Anyway, during my research, I’ve found a request for wwoofing in a hostel, but in a town I hadn’t thought about before, Kaikoura. Of course, I’ve heard about Kaikoura as a place to watch whales and dolphins in New Zealand but, at this moment, I was ignoring all the beauty and the wealth of Kaikoura. After a short look on Internet, I felt something special about this town so decided to apply and see what happens.

That is why I talk about good coincidence and destiny when I realize how things turned for me since my arrival in Kaikoura. First, I was thinking staying around 2 weeks in Kaikoura, time enough to see the job opportunities probably rare because of the winter season. However, when I arrived here I just realized in few seconds how much I would like to stay longer and be able to say later I had lived there when I will tell about my New Zealand’s story.

Indeed, my first day walking in Kaikoura gave me a piece of what you can do here and made me realize why the life here is quite special. You look around you, mountains; you look in front of you, sea. For a typical French girl who really appreciates both, I feel so lucky to enjoy both in the same place. It’s rather exceptional.

I walked 15 minutes in the town center and had already talked with few people who were so welcoming and glad to share with visitors and travelers about the activities here and how to enjoy the time in Kaikoura. Walks, fishing, watching of sea life and so much more to do. The scenery so remarkable and enjoyable.
That is why I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to stay for a while. Therefore, what better way to share my experience with the future travelers and make sure that, from now, nobody miss the real discovery of Kaikoura ?

Follow me further on my Kaikoura journey in the coming weeks here on the blog !

Sunrise in Kaikoura

View of Kaikoura from the look out
Written by Sylvia Landez
Intern at www.kaikouranewzealand.com

Find me on Twitter at @kiaorakaikoura - https://twitter.com/KiaOraKaikoura 

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New to our Team - KaikouraNewZealand.Com

All the Way from France

We are excited to introduce you to our new French Intern Sylvia Landez. Syliva is joining us to do Social Media Marketing & Blog Writing.
Sylvia is 23 years old and has a Master in Communication and Marketing. She is traveling New Zealand for 10 months. She says "The main goal of this project : discovering a new culture and a new country, improving my english and above all living a unique and amazing experience.
My travel in New Zealand led me to Kaikoura and gave me the opportunity to help in promoting this beautiful place to the future travelers around the world."
Meet her on World Social Media Day at our event.
Check her out on Twitter at @KiaOraKaikoura

You will hear more for Sylvia here on the blog and on Twitter